About Me

Never tell me something can’t be done.

Whether it’s soccer being popular in Atlanta or bringing transit to the suburbs, I love taking on challenges that no one else will. 

I love taking new ideas and figuring out ways to make them BIG.

I love bringing people together and building communities.

I was born in Florida, grew up in the Atlanta area, went to Georgia Tech for engineering, and built a diverse career in marketing.

I’m analytical in everything I do, optimistic in my outlook of this world, and am constantly trying to find ways to help and make an impact.

For better or worse, I’m a Type 8 Challenger and an EIFP.

I love to experiment and learn and I constantly test my hypothesis and theories on life. I plan to write about some of them on this site.

So buckle up, strap in, and enjoy the ride. I hope you can take something positive from the experience.

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