Fantasy Soccer: European Team Fantasy League

I’ll be doing a blog in the future about what’s wrong with fantasy soccer.  Currently, all of the popular fantasy leagues follow a similar model by providing each fantasy player with a set budget they must stay under while they fill their squad up with players with given values.  The biggest weakness in this format is that there is no player exclusivity.  Also, it is difficult for a new fan to know enough about teams, players, stats, and projections to have any confidence in their decisions.

I’m going to experiment with a couple of different formats for a fantasy soccer league with asset exclusivity.  The one I think will be the most fun is the Fantasy European Soccer League which will be a combination of team and individual player drafting.

  • The draft will be 6 rounds: 4 team rounds and 4 player rounds.  Draft order will be a snake progression and will be reversed for the player draft.
  • Every team in the top 5 european leagues will be put into the “team draft”
  • The top five leagues in europe consist of: Barclay’s Premier League (UK), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy) and Ligue 1 (France)
  • The first 4 rounds will be the team draft, and each player will select one team in any of the five leagues.  Teams will acquire points based on performance in their domestic league, domestic cup, and continental competition.  Teams will get points for wins, draws, progression in competitions, goals scored, and goals allowed.
  • The last 4 rounds will be a player draft, and each player will acquire points based on games played, goals and assists.

Here’s how your teams can acquire points:

Lose by 2 or more goals: -1 pts
Lose by 1 goal: 0 pts
Draw: 1 pt
Win by 1 goal: 2 pts
Win by 2 or more goals: 3 pts
(League bonus) Win League: 5 pts
(League bonus) Qualify for Champions League: 3 pts
(League bonus) Qualify for Europa League: 1 pt
(Cup bonus) Reach quarterfinals: 1 pt
(Cup bonus) Reach Semifinals: 2 pts
(Cup bonus) Reach Finals: 3pts
(Cup Bonus) Win cup: 3pts
(Continental bonus) Win group: 2 pts (add 1 pt for Champions League)
(Continental bonus) Come in 2nd in group: 1 pt (add 1 pt for Champions League)
(Continental bonus) Reach Quarters: 1 pts (add 1 pt for Champions League)
(Continental bonus) Reach Semis: 2 pts (add 1 pt for Champions League)
(Continental bonus) Reach Finals: 3 pts (add 1 pt for Champions League)
(Continental bonus) Win Continental Competition: 3 pts (add 1 pt for Champions League)

Player points:

Goal scored: 3 pts
Assist: 1 pt

A Little Fun: Super Bowl Style

As I am sure everyone is aware, the big game is this Sunday.  For an avid sports fan such as myself, the game is a bit awkward.  As I am sure you have witnessed, when you go to a Super Bowl party, there is this awkward mix of people who care about the game and people who show up for the party.

A great way to overcome this dilemma is to have games, contests, or pools about the game and the results.  Here are the two games I have encountered that makes the actual game fun for everyone, whether they like football or not.


One popular game is called Super Bowl Squares.  It is also known as ‘the grid’.  It’s simple, you draw a grid with 10 rows and 10 columns, each representing a digit from 0 to 9.  The rows represent the one’s digit for the AFC team (Steelers) while the columns represent the one’s digit for the NFC team (Packers).  Players put down one dollar to ‘reserve’ one of the 100 spots on the ‘grid’, representing a score, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If one chooses ’43′ (4th row, 3rd column), they are predicting the final score of the Steelers to end in 4 (14, 24, 34, etc.) while the final score of the Packers ends in 3 (3,13,23, etc.).  The person who picks the right grid wins the pot of 100 dollars.

Here is a good example of the grid:

Variations of this game include:

Roulette Style: Sell chips for $1 each (each person has their own color/type of chip) and allow them to put them on any square they want.  People can also choose (odd/even), (01-33/34-66/67-99), or (red/black).  End of game score will result in who wins and loses with the pot and winnings being determined by the losses.

Pot split: Instead of giving all the winnings to the winner, you can split the pot in 2 different ways.  First, you can give $25 to the half-time winner and $75 to the final score winner.  Second, you can give $75 to the final score winner and $25 to the reverse selection (43 vs. 34, etc.).  This makes the picks that are the same number a priority (00, 11, 22, etc.).

Super Bowl Props

Another fun game to play is something my dad has organized for years, which is a compilation of Super Bowl Props and Bets.  Everyone pays $5 for a card that has all the props on it.  People then put a check mark to what they think will happen.

Here is the PDF:

Whoever gets the most props right, wins!


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