My company is official!!!

So after years of thought, planning, debate, and doubt, I have finally gone out and become an entrepreneur!  I have created a limited liability company called Stigall Media, LLC.  The goal of this LLC will be to facilitate and support my different companies, ideas, and websites.  The structure of the LLC will support multiple DBAs, so in essence this is an ‘Umbrella LLC’, which will serve as a catalyst for my different ideas.

My next steps:

  1. Filing EIN
  2. Obtaining Business License
  3. Submitting DBAs for different companies

I am motivated because I feel this is a start of a new journey!  Wish me luck!


"...the professional appeal Matt gave The Fiasco's website increased our bookings immediately and made local booking agents really take us seriously."
Justin Melotte, The Fiasco
"Matt was very helpful with building the website from beginning to end"
Andy Blanton, Georgia Tech
"Matt did such an amazing job on the website considering he only had a few hours."
Shannon Case, Ultimate Songwriters