New website!

So the previous website/layout was having issues due to me using it as an experimental testing lab for over a year.  I tried to fix some issues, but the database was so bogged down with junk that I decided to start anew.   I am removing the ‘blog’ atmosphere of my previous website and replacing it with a much more business/marketing setting.

I am using the Client Machine, a premium theme from Freelance Factory.  I love the simplistic, yet fun, layout it provided me along with the invoicing and proposal building functionality.  In the future, I plan to integrate videos and social media as well as improving the commenting system if it is eventually needed.

I want this website to be a place for entrepreneurs and small business owners to interact with me and get advice and insight on how they can improve their business.

If you see any bugs or issues, please let me know.

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"...the professional appeal Matt gave The Fiasco's website increased our bookings immediately and made local booking agents really take us seriously."
Justin Melotte, The Fiasco
"Matt was very helpful with building the website from beginning to end"
Andy Blanton, Georgia Tech
"Matt did such an amazing job on the website considering he only had a few hours."
Shannon Case, Ultimate Songwriters