The Simple Process to Launch and Grow Your Brand or Movement

Whether you are trying to build a business, market a product, launch a movement, or even start a cult, your success is dependent on how much you can grow. You might have the best idea or product in the world, but if you’re the only customer or follower, you’re not going to be successful.

Sometimes, we can all get stuck trying to make things perfect. Truth is, no idea, product, business, or movement is perfect. If you get stuck coming up with the right name, you’re never going to launch and see success. Don’t get stuck on perfection.

If you’ve ever read about the Power of One, you realize every business or movement starts with one person. Your first customer. The first person to get on the dance floor. Someone who started the picket line with a cardboard sign.

From that first person, whatever their cause, their impact grows based on how many people they can get to join them. Making this growth happen naturally and organically means you have a much greater chance for success.

You’re not going to grow to the scale you want to be successful if this growth is entirely dependent on you. The chances of your success is dependent on your ability to enable your existing followers/customers to help your idea spread and grow.

I’ll dig into what you can do in more detail in future posts, but at a high level, you need to setup 3 things:

  • The core of your brand
  • A simple process for people to join/become a customer
  • Organic, natural, democratized growth

If you have a strategy for each of those areas, your idea will be positioned to grow and be successful.

Stay tuned for some upcoming articles where I dive into each of the three main areas above. Until then, feel free to ask me a question!

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