Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to the relaunch of www.mattstigall.com. This will be my new platform to discuss the projects I’m working on, marketing lessons I’ve learned, and musings about the many passions I have.

You’ll find 2 main areas: my experiences are at the top of the front page and my musings/insights are in the main portion.

In each of my experiences, I will follow a pretty specific format: quick overview, 3 highlights, some background, and then some detail on the highlights of the lessons I learned.

The musings/insights will not follow a specific format. You get what you pay for with those.

You might ask why I’ve built my own website, and that’s a great question. As a marketer, there’s no greater brand you can build than your own. And it’s super easy! I go into more detail about the why’s and how’s in this blogpost:

Some details about my site:

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